Fast Incorporated.

Fast Incorporated Wisdom Centre

From our Business School, we provide top class knowledge and empowerment for our entire staffs exposing them to:

  1. Orientation and ongoing training programs that have ideological as well as practical content, teaching such things as values, norms, history, and tradition of our organization and that of our clients.
  2. Rigorous up-through-the-ranks policies-hiring young, promoting from within, and shaping the employees mind set from a young age exemplars
  3. Internal University and training centre
  4. On-the-job socialization by peers and immediate supervisors
  5. Open the company to change, improvement and boast creative for us to always be on the forefront

72  Ajayi Road, Oke - Ira

Ogba - Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

+234 706 883 3966

+234 815 194 3336


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