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School Automation Software which is suites for each and every educational institute like school, college and universities. A School can manage every thing Using this Automation School Software. This an online school management system that is a fully ACL Based, Organized Features, Unlimited Language, Exclusive Reports and Secure web based School Management System with well documented & clean code.

Admin Login


Password: 123456 

Student Login


Password: 123456

Teacher Login


Password: 123456


Parent login


Password: 123456

1. Online payment gateway

2. SMS gateway Text Local and SMS Country 

3. General setting [RTL, School Code, View Frontend, Exam Final Result criteria, Session Start, Session End

4. Default Time Zone, Date Format] fields 

5. RTL ( Right to Left )implement 

6. Academic year start and end month 

7. Advanced Student Admission like Admission for coming Academic Year 

8. System Uses Activity logs 

9. Report Print option 

10. Routine Print option 

11. Multiple Discount option 

12. Student, Employee, Teacher, Guardian and Payroll Payment input form 4 column 

13. Student, Employee, Teacher, Guardian detail view showing popup with tab 

14. All detail view are showing on popup 

15. Bulk Student Admission / Input 

16. Dashboard some statistics modification 

17. User permission rearrange 

18. Database fields optimization and indexing 

19. Profile update field rearrange 

20. Guardian relation with student field move in Student Admission form 

21. national_id field add in Employee,Teacher, Guardian and Student Admission 

22. Fee Type with Class wise fee amount setting 

23. Exam Mark rearrange with Written, Tutorial/Assessment/Assignment, Practical and Viva 

24. Student Result Cards for Semester Final/ Term Final detail with Class and Section Position. 

25. Exam Mark rearrange 

26. Exam Mark Sheet rearrange 

27. Exam Result rearrange 

28. Exam Final Result process 

29. Transport Member add based on Route Bus Stop Location 

30. Student Mark Sheet Print 

31. Student Result Card Print 

32. Rearrange Promotion to Next Class 

33. Single Invoice with instant paid by cash/ check 

34. Multi/ Bulk /Mass invoice with instant paid by cash/ check 

35. Student Performance/ Activity 

36. Final result type setting for based on All Exam result or Based on Final Exam 

37. SMS Template 

38. Email Template 

39. SMS for Student Absence 

40. Email for Student Absence 

41. Due fee SMS 

42. Due fee Email 

43. Student Result SMS

44. Student Result Email 

45. Student Admission Form rearrange with Parent and Previous School Information 

46. Frontend Admission form update as per Backend Student Admission 

47. Payment gateway logo add in the Payment setting

48. SMS gateway logo add in the SMS setting  

49. Backend some CSS modification

50. date_default_timezone_set implement in General Setting 

51. Dynamic date format in the General Setting

52. Reset User Email by Administrator feature 

53. Guardian detail view popup with Student list, Invoice list tab 

54. Guardian detail view popup with Basic, Guardian, Parent, Payment, Attendance and Activity information tab 

55. Teacher detail view with popup tab basic and social information  

56. Employee detail view with popup tab basic and social information 

57. Daily Statement Report 

58. Daily Transaction Report 

59. Student Activity Report 

60. Student Balance Report 

61. Due Fee Reports 

62. Fee Collection Report 

63. Student Result Report 

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