IT Product Marketing

Course overview

Course Summary

Duration: 8 weeks, 56 hours

Project will be written after course completion

Course Overview

Product Marketing is essential for creating competitive advantage, effectively matching products with buyers and forging great customer engagements. This course will help participants position their products and increase the awareness of the value of their products in the right markets. In addition, participants will master how to effectively position the discipline of Product Marketing in the organization by binding priorities to the organization’s business objectives.

Participants will be armed with a go-to-market framework that drives high performance in the market. Specific emphasis will be placed on forming compelling value propositions for well-defined markets, driving lead generation tactics in pursuit of goals and ensuring the organization is enthused and empowered to deliver strategic objectives.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will explore domains, such as:

  1. Value creation and capture
  2. Defining target markets and customers
  3. Go-to-market plan formulation
  4. The pursuit of sustained competitive advantage
  5. Building brand
  6. Enabling the organization and
  7. Collaboration, accountability and measurement

Business Benefits

  1. Organizations will realize immediate and ongoing benefits of investing in their Product Marketing capabilities
  2. Establish a consistent and repeatable process to launch a new product or service
  3. Improve alignment of various marketing and branding initiatives
  4. Improve purposeful and effective sales support
  5. More efficient use of marketing resources
  6. Foster a marketing culture of validation and collaboration
  7. Cultivate a focus on customer centricity
  8. Increase sales through more effective messaging.

Who Should Attend?

  • Product Managers
  • Product Marketers
  • Segment Managers
  • Field Marketers with launch objectives
  • Marketing Managers
  • Product Analysts
  • Entrepreneurs