Course overview

Course Summary

Duration: 10 weeks, 70 hours

Project will be written after course completion

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About this Course

We're here to help you get you started with JavaScript! In the twenty plus years since its inception, JavaScript has become the lingua franca of the web, that's to say, it's become the main tool to create interactive content on the Internet.

In this course, you'll explore the JavaScript programming language by creating an interactive version of your résumé. You’ll learn the JavaScript programming fundamentals you need while building new elements and sections to enhance your résumé.

What You Will Learn

SECTION 1: Up and Running

  1.   Introduction to the course.
  2. Learn about the tools available to JavaScript developers.
  3. Begin modifying web pages with a little bit of code.

SECTION 2: Data Types

  1.   How to use variables.
  2. How to use basic data structures like numbers and strings.
  3. How to build advanced data structures like objects, and arrays.

SECTION 3: Flow Control

  1.   How to write conditional statements.
  2. How to avoid repeating yourself with loops.
  3. How to make your code more modular with functions.

Prerequisites and Requirements

We expect that you have some experience programming in another language, such as Python, and can describe concepts like loops, functions and objects. Our Intro to Computer Science and Programming Fundamentals with Python courses are great places to get started.

While we do describe the underlying principles behind basic programming techniques, this course focuses on implementing the principles with JavaScript rather than the principles themselves.

HTML and CSS are not required, however, knowledge of CSS will help you customize your résumé project.