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Internet TV

We develop and manage Internet TV which is accessible on smartphones and other mobile electronic gadgets.

Our Internet TV runs exclusively 24/7 without the high cost of running traditional TV, power cost, huge studio setup fee, broadcasting/catering van nor satellites and any of such features that limit conventional traditional television stations.

 Benefits you will derive from our Internet TV:

  1. Your organisation will reach the largest audience possible
  2. Global accessibility
  3. Large virtual library where people can access missed programs
  4. Economically sound
  5. No antenna and accessible anywhere anytime
  6. Option of multiple broadcast at the same time without interference
  7. Option of different languages
  8. You need not to disturb yourself; we run the station for you with your contents while you will have more time to do some other productive things.

 We shall also:

  1. Develop a mobile app for your Internet TV
  2. Design a web based platform for it
  3. Give your Internet TV not less than 6 different languages

 Contact us today, we will give your organization a Internet TV station.

 Proposals and quotes available upon request.

72  Ajayi Road, Oke - Ira

Ogba - Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

+234 706 883 3966

+234 815 194 3336


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