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Create training

Do you want to train or teach people and need a global platform to do such?

We are here for you.

Follow the steps below to create a training:

  1. Generate a course or training idea
  2. Name the course (at most 3 sentences or a phrase) e.g., Website Development, Fashion Design, Making More Money, Building Generational Business, How to attract more customers, How to negotiate, Winning Interviews, Succeeding in Recession etc
  3. Develop application landing page for your course; for example, check this link, or this; you can contact us to help you develop your own landing page.
  4. Promote your training to get students in. Promote your course here
  5. Set-up an autoresponder for your training applicant. Set it up here or contact us
  6. Once you have students start training
  • List the lessons within your course
  • Develop the lessons
  • Create course portal
  • Upload your lessons and materials to the course portal
  • Notify students to start learning

With this 6 steps you have successfully created your training. Go ahead to turn your students to followers. Give them course materials, help them to succeed in their chosen field, join us to make learning fast and easy.

To start uploading your training, click here

Repeat the 6  steps over and over again for as many as possible course ideas you could generate.

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Phone: +234 706 883 3966