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Available courses

Websites Development

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Mobile Applications Development

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How to Generate Electricity from Waste Materials

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Augmented Reality

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Money Sense

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The leaders who ruined Africa and the generations rebuilding it.

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Bitcoin Making

Forex Trading

How to Write a Winning Business Plan

How to Finance Your Idea

Mushroom Cultivation

Poultry Farming

Vegetable Farming

Fish Farming

Pig Farming

Rice Cultivation

Bee Rearing

How to Produce Fruits Juice

7 skills you should have to get a job at Google, Apple, Microsoft, or Fast

Designers should know:

User Interface Design

Graphic Design

Web Design



Information Architecture

Art Direction

Engineers should know:

c ++/c/c#

Software Development



Agile Methodologies

Product managers should know:

Project Management


Customer Service


Cloud Computing

Product Marketing

Enterprise Software

Data scientists should know:

Data Analysis

Project Management

Machine Learning

Data Mining

Business Analysis


Skills you should have to be relevant in 2020

Virtual Reality

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Computational Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

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Skills you should have to keep your family happier

Pattern Making in Fashion Design

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Emotional Intelligence

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Dispute Resolution

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Money Sense

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Relating With My In-Laws

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Skills you should have to increase your income

Business Development


Motion Graphics

3D Graphics Design

Life required skills

How to Get that Job

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Financial Intelligence

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Lawn Tennis

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Solar Energy

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Win that Interview

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Public Speaking

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How to Negotiate

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How to Market any Product

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How to Sell Anything

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Win that Negotiation

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Skills you should have to get a job in CNN, Channels or any media company

Film Making

Video Creation / Editing

The Art of Communication

Camera Handling

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