Information Architecture

Course overview

Course Summary

Duration: 12 weeks, 84 hours

Project will be written after course completion

Information architecture (IA) is an often-overlooked area of website and app design, but without a well-planned information hierarchy, designers risk creating applications and sites that are confusing or make content virtually inaccessible. In this dynamic, hands-on, session, emphasis is placed on building an effective information architecture created from multiple sources of information. These sources include user research, scenarios, features, and user priorities.

What you’ll learn in this IA training course

In this session, participants build an information architecture for a class project to create an experience up to the point of testing it’s information hierarchy. The goal of this exercise is to help participants realize the importance of user research, persona, and feature building, that ultimately result in a successful hierarchy of information that meets their business objectives.

Overview of an information architecture

  1.  The importance of the underlying information structure
  2. Information architecture design patterns and how they relate to your experience
  3. Flat and hierarchical information structures
  4. The foundation of an information architecture
  5. Primary research Personas, stories, and user flows
  6. Feature building
  7. Best Practices for Information Architecture Design
  8. Designing your IA based upon user needs
  9. Establishing a clear purpose based upon UX brief and other integrated data
  10. Integrating and prioritizing the user needs in order to build effective navigation
  11. Building-in consistency
  12. Methods and techniques for creating the IA design
  13. White boarding and post-its Card Sorting-Open, closed, and reverse
  14. Site Maps and Outlines Testing your Information architecture
  15. Wireframes and prototypes
  16. Active observing
  17. Passive observing
  18. Online review Audience for this IA training course

This session is for anyone involved in the user experience process, from researcher or analysts to visual designers and stakeholders.